"People love tea. People don't necessarily love bees. 
But Honea makes you love both"


HONEA is our honey-infused tea line brand extension of Burt's Bees.

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Our flavors come from one particular type of honey/flower carefully matched with a flavor of honey.

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About Honea


Create your purpose 

Create your own purpose in the form of a honey-infused tea (hot or cold) made specifically for your needs.For example, I would mix and match to create a tea to rid my seasonal allergies. 

**Side note- I took an allergy test way back when and found out I'm allergic to almost everything but mold and cockroaches. 

Honea Direct mailer

A direct mailer piece that will sent out before the launch of HONEA so people can infuse their gardens and yards with purpose. It will include a package of flower
seeds that attract the honeybee. It will explain why planting these new flowers is vital to keeping our bees buzzing...and stinging.