In the middle of:
Anywhere, Everywhere


I have never met
a stranger.

You won’t ever see me marching or with a collage of magnets on my car because the pencil (or pen if I’m feeling risky) I use is my vessel to change the world. I have to keep reminding my parents I'm a copywriter for the creative stuff, not the legal stuff like patenting ideas. They wanted me to be
a doctor anyways. 

I want to be a game changer.

You know why? Because I give a damn. People like gifts and
giving a damn is free, so everyone wins. Music is my pathway into other people's
worlds. Every song I listen to is an audio autobiography of some sort and with an insight
that leads me to create. It's also a less creepier way to stalk people's lives. 


I bring me. 

I grew up around an abundance of testosterone, so I’m kind of a shit talker
with three extra skins to back it up. 


If you’re ever out with me and you hear someone calling me “Karmen with a K,” they’re referring to me. It's my stage name. I promise I was never a stripper.